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What Will You Experience at The Ash?

Visit one of the finest cigar shops in Casper, Wyoming

Do you love the experience of smoking a good cigar? Do you savor the timeless bouquet of fine tobacco? Do you love to linger over slowly wafting smoke with a well-aged Scotch in your hand?

If so, pay a visit to The Ash Premium Cigars, a boutique cigar shop in Casper, Wyoming. We’re committed to keeping the classic pastimes of pipe and cigar smoking alive. We feature a broad range of:CigarsPipe tobaccoPipes and pipe accessoriesIf you’re a man – or woman – of true distinction, you’re sure to enjoy your visit to our proud establishment.

Visit our walk-in humidor

If you’re planning to buy cigars in Casper, Wyoming, stop by The Ash Premium Cigars. Our reputable shop features a fully stocked walk-in humidor. We sell both boxes and singles of premium cigar brands, including:

Additionally, we carry a number of premium pipe tobaccos. Consult with one of our friendly, knowledgeable tobacconists to find the perfect blend for your next evening by the fire. Call us at 307-337-6537 with inquiries about our current inventory.

Sit back and relax in our lounge

The Ash Premium Cigars features a comfortable smoking lounge. Whether you prefer a cigar or a pipe, you’ll find good conversation and a relaxing, welcoming environment at The Ash.

Additionally, due to a recent ban, our store is one of the few legal refuges where you can smoke indoors in Casper, Wyoming. Come take advantage of this increasingly rare luxury!

Why wait to visit The Ash Premium Cigars? Relaxation and good taste awaits you!

  • The Ash Premium Cigars

    200 North Wolcott (Entrance on A Street)
    Casper, WY 82601


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